Shroyerpark.com is a place on the internet about a neighborhood in southeast Dayton, Ohio called Shroyer Park.

Right now, all posts are by a neighborhood resident, Tony Kroeger (that’s me).  If anybody else wants to help provide content, I would welcome it (you could start by contacting me at kroegertony  [at] gmail.com).

My primary purpose is to provide an interesting and informative result when people search the internet regarding the neighborhood, or places in the neighborhood.  Also, I want to advance the identity of the place.

I welcome all comments and questions at the email address above or at the end of posts.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Tony, I am very impressed by your webpage! You have so much information about the history of our neighborhood. We have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/231709203602734/ but it is not as informative as yours! Shroyer Park Neighborhood Association meets on the third Wednesday of every month at Horace Mann Elementary at 7:30 PM. We would love to get you involved in our meetings. Your knowledge of the past and your insights for the future of our community is invaluable. We also have our first social gathering at Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers on Patterson/Wilmington on April 10th at 7:30 PM. We'd love to meet you!