Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Shroyer Park Multi-Modal Hub

Well, the bad news for me was that my wife had a very minor fender-bender in the snow yesterday, and has seized control of my car. The good news is that I am reminded of how many other options there are to get around the area. Today, I took the 12 RTA bus to work.  If it wasn't the middle of winter, I would have also had the options of using the Link bike system, or simply taking a long walk to work.  Furthermore, a number of grocery stores are easily accessible via RTA, or I could just walk down to the Wayne Avenue Kroger. Being a mile from Brown Street also helps; I may just take advantage of that this weekend.  I used to panic at the idea of not having immediate access to a personal automobile; in Shroyer Park, it is easy to make the most of it.

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