Monday, July 20, 2015

Have you Tried Link, Dayton's Bikeshare System?

Before Friday, I had not been on a bike in about 20 years. I walk often, plus getting around Dayton by automobile is not particularly challenging for me. If those fail, I can take RTA, particularly the 12.

Friday, I bought a 24-hour Link pass.

By Saturday, I had already biked all around Greater Downtown.

By Sunday, I had already bought an annual pass.

I honestly did not expect to really like the whole idea of cycling around the city. And I certainly did not expect to quickly gain a reasonable level of comfort in mingling with automobile traffic. But that's what happened.

The system just works. So far, my experience has been one where automoble drivers are generally considerate with regards to bikes. Of course, I chose routes where I would feel comfortable.

Here is a system map.

An annual pass costs $65. A 24-hour pass costs $5. With both types, you can keep a bike out for 30 minutes at a time--of course, one can simply dock a bike before the 30 minutes are up, and then immediately remove it. Yeah, I'd rather have 60 minutes rather than 30, but no big deal.

What does this mean for Shroyer Park?

Well, there are a number of stations within a reasonable walk from our neighborhood. The station at UD's rec center is less than 0.75 miles from my house on Constantia. The station at Brown and Irving is only one mile from my house.

Basically, it is another option for getting around.  An option that, quite frankly, is way more enjoyable than I ever imagined.

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