Thursday, March 27, 2014

From the Lunatic Files: The Dayton State Hospital in the Dayton Sketchbook

A co-worker of mine showed me this book, called Craig MacIntosh's Dayton Sketchbook:

One of the featured buildings is a favorite of many...the Southern Ohio Lunatic Asylum/Dayton State Hospital/10 Wilmington Place.

The drawing:

The text:

I don't know that there is anything too groundbreaking here, but I did take note of the claim that "all of the surrounding area was occupied by the Watervliet Shaker settlement."  While I know, of course, that there was Shaker community in the vicinity, "all of the surrounding area" seems like more than I thought.  But I don't know.  The mention of Shaker architecture was interesting, as was the focus on Ensley/Heiss...usually discussion of the architecture  focuses on the Kirkbride plan.

Oh, and "If one can look past the barred windows behind which the more emotionally disturbed patients are house, there are lovely old rococo buildings, stately trees, ponds, and beautifully landscaped grounds everywhere" is just priceless.  Ah, yes, please ignore the crazies and observe the lovely trees!

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