Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shroyer Park is a Multi-Modal Hub

In addition to the bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, Shroyer Park is particularly rich in options for traveling via RTA bus.  Despite the backwards perspective from some Dayton area suburbs, RTA can be a great alternative to getting behind the wheel.

Here are some of those options:

Route 12: The 12 takes one north to downtown and the Oregon District, making it an attractive option when going down to the Oregon District on a Friday or Saturday night.  I’ve also taken this route to go to festivals, like the Celtic Fest.  Heading south, it can be used to go to The Greene.  Stops for this route are along  Shroyer and Wilmington (north of Shroyer).

Route 17: The northbound 17 takes one downtown, but instead of via Wayne Avenue, this one goes up Brown Street (and eventually Main).  This is a great option if one is going to hang out on Brown and does not want to drive.  It traverses the neighborhood on Irving and Shroyer.  This route goes south down Shroyer to Far Hills, and eventually to the Dayton Mall/South Hub area.

Route 16: Takes one northbound to downtown via Stewart and Main, and southbound to that Centerville/Sugarcreek Twp. Bellbrook area where all the big boxes are by 675.  Stops in the neighborhood are along Wilmington.

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