Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shroyer Park Places: Irving Commons

For years I never gave much thought to Irving Commons, the student housing development just to the west of Kramer’s.  I’ve never heard or seen any kind of disturbance occur there, and it seems pretty well maintained. (Although I would like it if the buildings addressed the street better.) 

I’ve heard a couple of interesting things about that location recently though. 

photo courtesy irvingcommonsud.com
First, I was astounded to hear, from one of my coworkers who grew up on Firwood Drive, the location used to be a…….swim club!  It was called Oak-Day swim club and seems to be known for having a high diving board (20 feet apparently), from what my co-worker tells me and from what I gather from anonymous internet comments.  From what I hear, it was quite the place to be.  If anyone has any images of the place or interesting information, I implore you to share it with me.

Also, I did not know, until I read this article in the Dayton Business Journal, that the University of Dayton is buying up units in the complex.  I find this to be welcome news, as the stability and resources the University bring can only be good for Shroyer Park.  At the time the article was posted, UD owns space that includes a total of 64 beds and leases space that includes another 60 beds.

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