Monday, July 1, 2013

Shroyer Park Places: Hidden Potter's Field

There is a potter’s field located in the Shroyer Park neighborhood, on the Woodland Cemetery property, although not the potter’s field that shows up on the cemetery’s official maps as “city lot,” along Stewart Street.  There is a potter’s field in the cemetery’s “Wilmington Property,” shown on one of the maps below as “Historic Potter’s Field,” between the “upstairs” ballfields and “downstairs” ballfields. 
 This is the "city lot" not what I am referring to as the "potter's field" in Shroyer Park

This map shows the Historic Potter's Field (map from Woodland's master plan by Jack Goodnoe)
As does this plan:
Here is the location today:
There is little information to be found about this potter’s field. I have visited this site in the past, and while the landscape and vegetation is a bit different, there are few other physical signs that the potter’s field exists or existed.  The only thing I could find, and I do not know what this is, is this:


It is good that the cemetery calls out this location on their future plans, which, by the way are available on their website.  I think there is a worthy discussion of the cemetery plan for another day, but for now just wanted to recognize this interesting hidden feature on the landscape.

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